Welcome to White Rook Projects

What we do ...

White Rook Projects specialises in learning and audience development in museums, historic buildings, archives and other collections.  Our work is split between consultancy (advising on development) and producing resources for learning (including publications, websites, interactives and exhibition text).

… and some nice comments from our clients

about our consultancy work

  • ‘a pleasure to work with, responsive to changing client needs and energetically engaged with a very wide range of stakeholders.  The final report was well-written and accessible and usefully went beyond the initial brief.’ (audience development project)
  • ‘.. completed the work on time, on budget and to a very high standard.  … excellent time, planning and project management skills and is extremely reliable, enjoyable and stimulating to work with.  … has a sympathetic and balanced approach to access and diversity issues.’ (access and audience development project)
  • ‘was instrumental in formulating the volunteer plan, education, marketing and audience development for the project.  The result was a superb Museum which fulfils its role as a community related hub for the village, and an exciting educational space for local schools and playgroups to use in many and varied ways.  It is a sympathetic environment for sixty three volunteers to train themselves and others and allows for growth across the board.’ (curator of small volunteer-run museum)

about our interactives and learning resources

  • ‘Thanks again for all your hard and creative work on the boxes - I think they're great.’ (client)
  • ‘Wonderful! The museum looks like a circus!’ (curator)
  • ‘the exhibit was a resounding success.  A great many visitors came to the museum who otherwise may not have visited, particularly children, and many of them were local residents as opposed to tourists.’ (curator)
  • ‘Thank you! 2 hours just flew by!  Well worth paying council tax for!’ (parent)
  • ‘These were exceptionally good boxes suitable for both my six year olds and my two year old – thank you!’ (parent)
  • ‘This is great! My children have never spent so much time in this gallery, while thefive year olds played my 9 year old sat and sketched – for the first time!’ (parent)
  • ‘There is no doubt that the activities enhanced [family] learning experiences and positively influenced the way they regard the museum as a good place to visit both for the children to learn through play and – for most families observed - for all the family to share learning experiences together.’ (evaluation report)