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Interactives and exhibitions

Our specialism is to select the best form of interpretation to maximise the learning potential of any particular venue.   We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing interactives, as well as writing and editing text for exhibitions.


We design and manufacture interactive installations and collections to encourage learning in museum and heritage environments.  Every setting has different needs depending on audiences, surroundings, staff input and budget and we specialise in providing bespoke activities.  Our aim is to produce activities which link the learner to the setting or object, to provide interpretive methods to suit a range of learning styles and to achieve pre-defined learning objectives.  We can carry out formative and summative evaluation to ensure that the interactives meet audience needs and remain relevant.  We provide supplier lists, replacement costs and management plans to enable you to maintain the interactives, and / or would be happy to discuss maintenance contracts if you prefer. Download more detailed information here.

Exemplar contracts

thumb Exeter Museum
15 activity boxes for young family visitors to
under-used galleries and Tudor town house (right).

Making It! Discovery Centre, Mansfield
Research for this £3.5m Millennium Project to develop an interactive centre based on the manufacturing industry.

North Somerset Extended School Project
A local history activity box produced for an extended school near Bristol, in partnership with North Somerset Museum Service.

National Museum of Ireland
Research, audience consultation and development of handling activities for family and school users at Museum of Decorative Arts, Collins Barrack, Dublin.

learning boxesDorset County Council
Research, design and build travelling family learning activity boxes in connection with the ‘Dorset and the Sea’ website. Including evaluation with family users.



Weston Park Museum, Sheffield
Design and construct
3m x 1.5m x 1m foam model
of the Parthenon for groups of children to make


Exhibition text

We are experienced copywriters and know about writing text for readability.  This might include research but more often is a case of editing text provided by the organisation which is often written in specialised, complex language.  We can convert this into plain English, paying attention to reading ages and an awareness of learning outcomes.

Exemplar contracts

Firing Line Museum, Cardiff Castle
Text editing for new 'museum of the Welsh soldier', including 'tone of voice' for different audiences, extensive revision and reduction of original material, instructions for interactives and general advice on intellectual access.

Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley
Text editing to make academic content (e.g. Science terminology) more accessible to general visitors in ‘Root Zone’ exhibition.

The National Trust

Scriptwriting and editing of specialised archaeological text for new exhibition at Avebury World Heritage Site.

English Heritage
Writing and editing text for new exhibitions at Dartmouth, Berry Pomeroy and Launceston Castles.