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We work with a range of companies and consultancies to provide teams with specialist expertise, including:

  • Archives
  • Arts development
  • Building design
  • Business and financial planning
  • Conservation
  • Crafts and replicas
  • Design – graphic, exhibition and branding
  • Drama and living history
  • Environmental interpretation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Heritage and conservation architecture
  • Market research
  • Physical access
  • Strategic marketing in specialist areas
  • Teaching
  • Town planning
  • Tourism development

We are pleased to list the following as companies with whom we have worked closely on various projects:

Furneaux Stewart

We worked with Furneaux Stewart on the ‘Firing Line’ Museum of the Welsh Soldier in Cardiff Castle.  Previously we have worked with the company at Avebury and Dartmouth Castle.

Henry Lyndsay

We worked alongside Henry Lyndsay providing interactives in Topsham Museum.

Informed Tourism

We partnered with this consultancy in a feasibility study for a proposed garden heritage attraction in the beautiful Garw Valley in South Wales.

Murray Design

The design company specialises in community museums and we have worked with them in projects in Devon and Wiltshire.

Parkin Heritage and Tourism

We worked with Ian Parkin on interpretation development projects in Bedford and South Wales.

Redman Design

We worked with Redman Design in the conceptual stages of the development of the new Leeds City Museum (completed in 2008).

Tandem Design

We have worked with Tandem in Northern Ireland, at the Ulster Hall and Lagan Legacy.  The company provides branding, graphics and interpretation.

Replica suppliers

We have excellent contacts with companies and craftspeople who have supplied us with bespoke replicas for objects and handling collections, from costumes to historic musical instruments, games, woodwork and ironwork.  Please feel free to contact us for recommendations and further information.